Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Revolution Guido: il divertimento a Roma...

For the Mons. Guido Marini crowd there's more great news. They're bringing all the old treasures out of storage!

Today while in the Vatican Basilica I saw something I didn't think I'd ever see and something that hasen't been seen here likely in about forty (or more) years in St. Peter's Basilica!

They brought back the old giant carpet covers for the choir benches at the altar of the chair. It's difficult to explain what exactly these are, and it will be impossible to get close to get a photo. But today they were putting them out.

They're likely from the era of Pius IX, but difficult to date. They're full of colors and designs, they cover the benches and resemble nineteenth century carpets made for sanctuaries you sometimes still see in and around Rome.

They add a lot of color and look great.


humboldt said...

Yes, bring out all the drapes!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth from those on the left side.

Lady Lauren said...

Can't wait for photos! Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please keep us updated.
Thank you for you always awesome coverage of all things Catholic in Rome.
From all the places and ceremonies you've see and participated in in Rome, I'd love to come to Rome and spend about 1 year touring Catholic Rome and Italy. And I'd still not see everything there is to see.
There are several things I'd like to see brought back in the Vatican:

No. 1# absolutely is the Sedia Gestatoria. Everyone knows that Pius XII loved it, it made John XXIII sick (the swaying), and Paul VI was afraid of it (being pulled from it by over-enthusiastic crowds).
John Paul I originally rejected it because he was painfully shy and hated being applauded, but brought it back because no one could see him when he walked.
To his discredit, John Paul II discontinued it straight away in his reign. He was considered "too macho" to be carried. And then when he became too enfeebled, they invented ridiculous looking wheelcarts and platforms to transport him because they felt they couldn't restore the Sedia at that late date in the reign.
But Benedict XVI should restore it for all Papal ceremonies. It's not fair to pilgrims-to say the least-not to be able to see the Pope process.

2). Restore the flabella to occasional use at major ceremonies.

3). Restore the cappa magna for Cardinals and bishops in major Vatican ceremonies, and the cardinal's gallero.

4). Lastly, but most unlikely....the tiara.

Anonymous said...

I think these are the covers you are talking about (look at the benches):



These drapes are used since the times of Piero Marini as you can see in the last photo.