Sunday, September 07, 2008

Christian families: be ever clever...

We hear of how the Church of Christ is manacled and catacombed ever more in this modern age. And it's going to get worse if the "culture of death" continues to gain an upper hand. Election year is always pivotal.

Then we hear of the lack of vocations, divorce rate, suicide rate, etc. Where does this come from? We once had high standards of decency in literature, the stage and screen. But they say those days are gone. E allora?

We can stop the influence of evil despots on our families by not having a television. While in Germany in 2005 I was a guest of a lovely, happy German family. They had one TV. It was locked in a cupboard. The kids were only allowed to watch DVDs on it.

I haven't watched TV as a regular since 1997, my senior year in high school. Eleven years without being a TV junkie has brought me the greatest joy and so much less stress than could ever be measured. Thank you, Blessed Jesus, for this grace.

Hollywood has changed. And it has changed in one direction and levels of lewdness never imagined are now the norm. Images affect people. Anita Page was born in 1910. She died yesterday at the age of 98 ( Her career with films began in 1924 (before the Pope was even born!). Just imagine how things changed from 1924-2008 and has it gotten better or worse?


Anonymous said...

No offense, but I think you are turning alot of people off with this zealous promotion of McCain/Palin and the Republican Party and Christian values.

Aside from largely pro-life stands, and strong family values (which any religion can hold), these bible-thumping Evangelicals have nothing in common with Catholics. They hate Catholics.
I work at an office where nearly everyone is Evangelical (the office is mostly Afro-Americans, and nearly all are fundamentalists of some stripe). The anti-Catholicism is hard to dismiss.

Do not be fooled into thinking that these "Christians" are such wonderful people. They are die-hard 100% bigots. As a right-wing Evangelical, Palin may be one herself. To hear her speak of the war in Iraq being a mission entrusted to the USA by God made me sick.
For McCain to say that the USA is in the war "to win", and "on to victory", is also sick. Both mindsets show a callous disregard for the human lives at stake for such a misguided agenda, not to mention the cost.
These so called "Christians" and their values also echo McCain/Palin with regard to Iraq, and other possible disasterous military misadventures McCain et al are planning.

It's fine to support McCain/Palin personally. And I suppose you can do what you want with your own blog.
But if you looked beyond the emotionalism of these so called "Christians" and what they support, to the agenda beyond family values, I think you would have a different reaction.

The polls might not show it, but grassroots wise, the comments that McCain/Palin have been saying is causing a surge away from them.

Anonymous said...

So anonymous - I am assuming that you have spoken directly to McCain and Palin and have discussed their hatred for Catholics. People like you give Catholics a bad name assuming that any bible thumping Evangelical has a deep seeded hatred for Catholics. Maybe you should pay attention to yesterday's gospel and start praying for those who may not be in direct line with the teachings of our church. And also hold them up and build them up as a people that believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and are Pro Life and have strong family values. Maybe your assumption on their anti-Catholicism is just a ignorance or a uneducated assumption of Catholicism on their part. Maybe it a time for you to teach them about Catholicism rather than writing them off.
Characterized them as 100% bigot is a poor example of a good Christian Catholic.