Saturday, September 06, 2008

Deeply liturgical life in Italy...

It's been said a thousand times and always worth repeating: "The richest liturgical life on the planet is lived on the Italian peninsula (and on her islands)!"

i.e. recent events in Lazio near Rome...

If you're ever in Rome on a Sept. 3-4 a must see is the giant processoin in Viterbo with the Macchina di Santa Rosa ( It starts every Sept. 3rd at 9 p.m. This annual procession is a must - men carry a giant tower in the dark with a deep spirit of prayer. This year the Prime Minister of Italy showed up, Silvio Berlusconi. It was fabulous. I have great pics I'll post when I have time.

Once every ten years they have the mother of all celebrations in the town of Grotte di Castro on Lake Bolsena ( in honor of the Madonna del Suffragio. All night adoration, processions and fireworks and lots more to boot. The big day is Sept. 7 and 8 and it'll be on TV with live coverage.

In Rome each Sunday morning at midnight from after Easter until October hundreds and hundreds walk in pilgrimage from Rome (Circo Massimo metro stop) to the countryside shrine of the Divino Amore ( This procession, too, is a must. I did it earlier this year and it was likely one of the best things I've ever experienced while in Rome. It will give you hope, which resides in the will. I'll post photos when I have time. Pack a snack and bottled water.

Fides vincit.

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