Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Republican National Convention: ST. PAUL, Minn.

The entire world is following, for the first time ever, every waking moment of election news coming from the New World.

Living outside the country for five years it's always interesting to look in and see and hear how Americans are presented with the news. From the outside looking in it's evident that it has reached new levels of default.

Families: you'll be better informed voters if you just turn the television off. You already know the issues; just stay focused on them. You vote pro-life. Stateside media outlets have really shown their true colors these past few days: the DNC is all positive, the RNC is all negative.

Journalism is out the door and hyperbole is the news of the day. Overshooting and gossip, that's the news. Hype and shock, that's the news. The lead stories are often inapplicable. And while for example, every dog is attacking Sarah Palin, they sure were polite to John Edwards, eh?

There is one who feigns to be other and better than he is as a false pretender to virtue, such as Bill Clinton, who has "redeemed" himself as a new "star" at the DNC. And then there's the all-American lady such as our mom, Sarah Palin, who is now being painted as the devil for having an average (normal) family.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, they held the Ninth National Eucharistic Congress in 1941. There was an exceptional address delivered there entitled, "Christ Glorified in the Sacrifice of the Journalist" and here's just a brief quote:

"Throughout our American history, we have built our government on the principle of secular authority subject to the moral law; a principle which proclaimed each citizen to belong to two spheres, one terrestrial, whose end is the common temporal welfare, and the other spiritual, whose end is eternal life in another world. The foundation of our civilization is the freedom of man within a closed moral order, and the autonomy of the secular power subject to the prior and inalienable rights of the individual and the family."

Catholic pilgrims and students in Rome complain how anti-Catholic their news outlets are in places such as Poland and Ireland. Ture, and it's the same in Canada and the United States. Christianity is under siege and this is because we don't bend on the life issues.

Vote as a block. Vote pro-life. The whole world is watching and this one is crucial.

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