Thursday, September 25, 2008

Teach your kids new words: the lost words...

Some things a person has to be taught.

Some things are not being taught anymore in large part because even the words to describe them have fallen into disuse. For example, do we ever hear the words "shame" or "honor" or "valor" anymore (except in old war movies)? Or even the word "chivalry"? I know I never heard these words while growing up in the eighties and nineties (even as a Scout). By God's grace, though, as an altar server I was instructed in what "irreverence" meant.

Resolved in our hearts we have to stand firm and teach our kids certain ideas which are described with certain words. Arrogance and reproach have become strong in many youth, but Catholic families are stronger and the kids have to be taught at home or not at all.

Two words we never hear anywhere are the words "blasphemies" and "sacrilige." We want to hear these words from the pulpit and from Christian parents. Start to use these words in your speech and counsel. Teach your kids what these words and their consequences mean.

Teach kids the idea of a "sacred space", too. Have them read aloud Ezekiel and they will understand that such a thing exists and where. And Catholic families, read together 1 and 2 Maccabees (the two most exciting books of the Old Testament) and your kids will learn.

The answer to all the problems in the Church and world is always the same: catechesis. Teach!

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Thank you, please keep posting!
-A Catholic mother.