Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Requiem for a Cardinal...

Morbid as it sounds it's a thrill to hear the death toll from the bells of the Vatican Basilica. After the rites, as the faithful exited the church, the toll began. Haunting it is as it still reminds one of the one time we heard it and remembered it, an echo from when the Pope passed on in 2005.

One special treat of living in Rome is to be able to attend the burial rites for cardinals of the holy Roman Church. Today I carried all of your prayer intentions in my heart during the Requiem Mass. Ever reader of this blog and of the Catholic blog world was prayed for.

Covered benches at the altar of the chair? Yes, they were covered in splendor. But I stand corrected: an internet sleuth discovered online photographs of the same benches covered in the same material from last year. So perhaps Angelo Comastri brought them back? First time I ever noticed/saw them. Sorry, guys!

It was great to hear of the life of His Eminence. He was truly a great man. Mourn his passing with prayers for his soul, that many more might be like him. Father, grant us leadership. Let us pray!

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