Wednesday, September 24, 2008

With the (traditional) habit their faces shine...

So many new religious orders in the Church today and so many reasons for hope.
Sisters from this order can be seen most often in France, but also in Belgium and Germany, etc. And of course at every World Youth Day!
They are the most joyous sisters you will ever meet. Their order is French and they hail from all corners of the globe - they're the Society of St. John!


Anonymous said...

Great picture John. The order ialso has a place in Illinois, USA I believe. The Community of St. John. There is both a house for the Brothers, and not far from there a house for the sisters. That is if these sisters belong to the same Community. The one in Illinois is from France.

They put on some great retreats called Eagle Eye for young adults and ones catered to High School age.

don Jeffry said...

Here is their website:

Unknown said...

These are two Contemplative Sisters of St. John! There are three branches of the order, the Brothers, the Apostolic Sisters, and the Contemplative Sisters. They were founded by Father Marie Dominique Philippe, OP, in 1975. Today they have priories all over the world!

I studied philosophy under the tutelage of the Brothers of St. John last academic year ('09-'10) at their novitiate house in Saint Jodard, France. (I am an American lay student - I was not in the novitiate. The Brothers have a program specifically designed for lay people who wish to study philosophy with them, and participate in their community life and schedule of prayer - see information on Foyer Marie Dominique Philippe from their website). It was a wonderful experience! It prepared me for my theological studies, which I just began in Rome!

God bless the Community of St. John!