Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why I support the return of the sedia gestatoria...

AP photo from the Internet.
Paul's final reason sure makes sense to me:
"He [Pope Paul] wanted to abolish the special chair which carried him on four [um, actually it was more than four] mens' shoulders, but no solution was found to allow the pilgrims to see the Pope easily."
-Paul VI by Archbishop Pasquale Macchi, p. 65.
Rumours are rumours and it will be interesting to see what happens.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Announcing: SECVNDVS...

New blog, same stuff.
Secundus natus est, venite...
Link here and hope everybody likes it:
And many thanks to Mr. S. Tribe (founder and editor of the NLM) for helping me out with the new design and other features!

Catholic Church architecture: still possible...

See here:

There are just a few legends left who can still design and build a Catholic church that actually has the ethos of a Catholic church.  Imagine that?

If you are a pastor or a member of a diocesan or parish building/renovation committee, then you need to contact one of these professionals and get things rolling on the right from the start:


You will find yourself in good hands with these legends - the finest English-speaking Catholic church architects of today and that's just the way it is.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Vrbs Capvt Orbis: the eagle has landed...


Many thanks!

For the Lord Jesus was with His apostles as He had promised (Cf. Mt. 28:20) and sent to them as Paraclete the Spirit Who would lead them into the fullness of truth (cf. Jn. 16:13)...

With the continued pervading tone of change in the Church today this blog has always sought to introduce youth to their Catholic inheritance and to encourage some to study in Roma Beata. Catholics must be taught how to be Catholic. They must connect with Rome.

Many thanks to everybody for the advice and I ask to first hear Holy Mass and after I will make a quick decision and let everybody know asap.

Union of prayers,

Datum Romae

PS 70 yrs ago today was the outbreak of WWII. Pray and do penance.