Sunday, April 27, 2008

German College during the German Pontificate...

Everyone has seen the old Teutonic College in the Vatican City. But here's the other one in Rome all carved in travertine: Collegium Germanicum et Hungaricum de Urbe.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cerimonieri Pontifici...

Il Laico: "Diciamo che la tiara e' la cosa piu bella nel mondo!"
Il Cerimoniere Grande: "Infatti!"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Great insides to learn when you study history...

We all know that when Pontius Pilate governed the province of Judea, under Tiberius Caesar, Christ the Lord was nailed to a cross. But, there's more to it than that...

"What was the fate of those who became guilty of Our Lord's death?

1st. Judas hanged himself in despair.
2nd. Pilate was summoned to Rome for treating the Samaritans with too great rigor, and was dismissed from office and exiled to Vienne in Dauphiny, where he ended his days.
3rd. Herod Antipas and his wife Herodias were banished by the Emperor Caligula, first to Lyons, and then to Spain, where they died miserably.
4th. Caiphas, deprived of the pontificate in 37 by Vitellius, prefect of Syria, committed suicide through mortification.
5th. The whole Jewish nation was dispersed after the taking of Jerusalem by Titus, in 70.

Eleven hundred thousand Jews perished in the siege of Jerusalem; one hundred thousand were sold as slaves. Sometimes even as many as thirty of them were sold for a denier. Moreover, the number of those who were crucified on the spot was so large that, according to the testimony of Josephus, there was not sufficient wood to which to fasten them. Never had such a scourge fallen upon a nation."

Exposition of Christian Doctrine by A Seminary Professor, 1945.

Rome Photos of Liturgies...

Our dear friend Giovanni takes fotos and videos of many Tridentine rite Masses in Rome, too. See his nice site here:

Il pontificale di San Giorgio:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rome Photos of Liturgies...

The only professional Italian photographer I see at many Tridentine rite Masses in Rome is our pal Marcellino. See his site here for some nice pics: .

Ornaments Reserved for the Sovereign Pontiff

If you know anything about papal vestments, as you read this bit below you might even hear in the back of your head the Charge of the Batmobile or Attack of the Batwing (by Danny Elfman)!

"What ornaments are reserved for the Sovereign Pontiff?

In certain ceremonies or audiences the Pope wears a lace rochet, a mozetta of red velvet or satin, bordered with ermine, and a stole likewise of red velvet or satin.

Besides the ornaments proper to priests and bishops, such as the alb, the chasuble, the mitre, etc., he wears special ornaments according to circumstances. Among them are:

1st. The falda, a demi-soutane of white silk with a train which is borne by dignitaries of the papal court.
2d. The mantle for the papal chapels (analogous to the cope), which is white or red according to the feast or the office. It is ornamented with the formal or pectoral, a large plate of silver or silver gilt, which serves to hold the edges of the mantle together over the breast of the Pontiff.
3d. The phanon or fanon, which consists of two light mozettas. The upper one is worn outside the chasuble and the lower one over the alb.
4th. The succinctorium, a vestment similar in shape to a maniple and, on solemn occasions, worn hanging from the cincture.
5th. The tiara, formed of three crowns placed one above another, and enriched with diamonds and precious stones. It represents the Pope's triple power of bishop, sovereign pontiff, and king.
6th. The pontifical ring.
When the Pope makes his solemn entrance into the basilicas of Rome or into consistories, he is seated on a chair or throne called the sedia gestatoria. Twelve servants of the papal court bear it on their shoulders.
7th. The flabelli, or fans, of ostrich feathers, are carried on either side of the Pontiff in papal processions.

St. Thomas Aquinas says: 'The Roman Pontiff does not use the [pastoral] staff, because St. Peter sent it to raise to life one of his disciples, who was afterwards made bishop of Treves; and therefore the Pope carries the staff in the diocese of Treves, but in no other; or again, as a sign that he has not a limited jurisdiction, for such jurisdiction is denoted by the curvature of the staff.' The Pope uses the cross instead of the crozier."

Exposition of Christian Doctrine by A Seminary Professor (La Salle Bureau), 1941.

N.B. For solemn liturgies in the Vatican Basilica the Popes always vested at the altar of Pope St. Gregory the Great (near the entrance to the sacristy).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the Father still makes saints...

Yesterday was a big day in Rome for the smiling man on the left. It was his wedding day!
Actually, he was wed some years ago and even has four sweet children. But his Nuptal Mass and vows were only just celebrated yesterday as he just converted to Christianity - and was even baptized last month by the Pope!
Meet M. Christian Allam. With great pleasure I had the honor to shake his hand on Monday evening. I found him to be one of the most brilliant, engaging and articulate public speakers I have ever heard: an honest and ethical journalist.
"No wonder he's one of the most celebrated newspaper journalists in Italy," a friend of mine remarked, "As soon as his books are available in English I will be sure to get my hands on them!"
Christian gave a great lecture at Rome's Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum along with another man, a convert from Judaism. Both gave their testimonies to a packed audience of mostly Italians and some students. In attendence, too, was Archbishop Luigi de Magistris, a familiar face at the school as his nephew is a student there.
Christian arrived early for Holy Mass before the lecture. At every moment he was surrounded by a small army - perhaps two-dozen armed men along with local Carabinieri and Police forces in front of the property with all window shades closed and even yards of felt fabric taped over all windows along his path.
Saints abound. Pray for them as they are many.

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