Friday, April 25, 2008

Great insides to learn when you study history...

We all know that when Pontius Pilate governed the province of Judea, under Tiberius Caesar, Christ the Lord was nailed to a cross. But, there's more to it than that...

"What was the fate of those who became guilty of Our Lord's death?

1st. Judas hanged himself in despair.
2nd. Pilate was summoned to Rome for treating the Samaritans with too great rigor, and was dismissed from office and exiled to Vienne in Dauphiny, where he ended his days.
3rd. Herod Antipas and his wife Herodias were banished by the Emperor Caligula, first to Lyons, and then to Spain, where they died miserably.
4th. Caiphas, deprived of the pontificate in 37 by Vitellius, prefect of Syria, committed suicide through mortification.
5th. The whole Jewish nation was dispersed after the taking of Jerusalem by Titus, in 70.

Eleven hundred thousand Jews perished in the siege of Jerusalem; one hundred thousand were sold as slaves. Sometimes even as many as thirty of them were sold for a denier. Moreover, the number of those who were crucified on the spot was so large that, according to the testimony of Josephus, there was not sufficient wood to which to fasten them. Never had such a scourge fallen upon a nation."

Exposition of Christian Doctrine by A Seminary Professor, 1945.

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