Saturday, April 19, 2008

From America's Seminary in Rome...

I guess the sixties are ending? And of course there's always good news coming from Rome!
Today at Rome's Pontifical North American College, America's seminary in Rome, there was celebrated in the crypt chapel Holy Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal.
Over sixty seminarians were present, including the Rector and some staff. After the Mass the seminarians had a lot to say as one student remarked: "A first and it was very nice and hope we can see more of it in the future" while another smiled and noted with emotion: "Coolest Mass I ever saw!"
Before Mass there was a nice instructional time held in the chapel for the seminarians to become aquainted with this "new" rite. A Benedictine cleric, a member of the faculty, shared some words about the ordo of the usus antiquior and then read through some parts of it so as to instruct the students on proper proununciation, etc.
At the very end, though, there was an awkward moment when the same cleric then instructed those present that anyone could receive Holy Communion in their hand if "they so wished" as there was never any "written rule" which said one couldn't.
Feeling embarassed (as the layman in the crowd!) I wanted to raise my hand and say: "Gee, doesn't everyone know that consuetudo pro lege servatur (custom is held as law) here?"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reporting, JP! Amazing in one way- this would have never happened even three years ago. Yet, as an alum now ordained and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice in the EF, I must say that it's very disappointing. It's completely ridiculous that the celebrant is NOT wearing a ROMAN vestment, which lies in the drawer less than 100 feet behind him (in the sacristy) nor the acolyte wearing a cassock/surplice. As a former sacristan of the NAC, I can say that the "house custom" of wearing an alb is not that binding. Shameful, really. Vergine Immacolata, aiutataci!!

PeterHWright said...

Yes, that's good news.

No, it not just good news, it's a small miracle. I think the commenter on another blog can be forgiven for triumphantly excaiming "The Trid at the NAC !"

Well, Lord, if you read J.P.'s blog, would you make it happen at the English College, Rome, please ?

Then we Englishmen can exclaim "The Trid at the VEC !"

Anonymous said...

Indeed historical. The powerful NAC establishement (the faculty and not the student body) have always been in favor of puerile (low church) liturgies (ie. the innumerable prescriptions and prohibitions that the seminarians have to live under as house rules, many of which are wanting in Catholic character). Case in point, why is this server not wearing the soutane?

Anonymous said...

"I would give the last drop of my blood for the smallest practice of the Church" (St. Theresa).