Sunday, April 13, 2008

From the Vatican: study Latin...

In the Vatican City is this office: for the those who want to learn more Latin. Please support them today. Subscribe!
It's a foundation called "Latinitas" and they publish a rivista (magazine) with the same name.
Write them today:
Città del Vaticano
00120 Roma


ACEGC said...

I found Latinitas' page on the Vatican website--they have a lot of neat stuff there, including the Lexicon of Recent Latin--where else are you going to learn the Latin phrase for "hot pants" or "airplane hangar?" Not from Cicero or Augustine...

The Bent Branch said...

If you're keen on studying Latin as a living language, then the oral lessons on the Latinum podcast may interest you:
Over one million two hundred thousand lessons have been downloaded from the podcast in its first year, with users spread right across the globe, including obscure locations (for Latinity) such as Mecca and Teheran.
The podcast used the restored classical pronunciation of Latin, and the course is presented as a practical course in spoken fluency. So far, fifty lessons out of a projected 100 have been recorded, each lesson consisting of several episodes. There are also extensive vocabulary building excercises.