Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Link to this site against tour disparage...

There's always new and little bits of hope coming from Rome - as the world turns.

Rome is a city built on tourism. For years the industry has been run by guides who are often anti-Catholic bigots or insulting secular humanists. Their hostility to the Papacy and to the Catholic Faith is a great burden for countless pilgrims as they make their often once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimge to the Eternal City.

But the Lord will not be mocked and there is change in the air. One grace of the great Holy Year 2000 was that with the influx of pilgrims there was at the same time an influx of new English-speaking (mostly North American) guides into the industry. This has helped.

We are making progress in at least taking back one big piece of the pie - tours of the Vatican Museums. Support us today and link to our site: http://www.orbiscatholicus.com/ .


Anonymous said...

I've been bringing Catholic groups to Rome for several years. I always employ local guides for the Vatican Museums and Ancient Rome.

The guides I use are great, strong Catholics, but I would love to book you for one of my upcoming tours. I already have guides for my tours through this summer, but, perhaps in the fall or winter.

I love your blog and visit daily. I plan to add a link to you as many people visit my site who do not typically travel on group pilgrimages, but are still looking for guides once they arrive in Rome alone.

Please keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Will call u for future.