Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cerimonieri Pontifici...

Il Laico: "Diciamo che la tiara e' la cosa piu bella nel mondo!"
Il Cerimoniere Grande: "Infatti!"


PeterHWright said...

Oh ho !

Is that what he thinks ?

Very interesting.

Rev. Dr Athanasius D. McVay HED FRSA FRHistS said...

"in fatti" can also be taken as "indeed" in English-English, which is tantamount to confirming that a persona has made the statement but that the one responding is not confirming or denying it.

John Paul Sonnen said...

Yes, it's a neutral word, but I guess I should clarify that he and I never shared those words in our conversation - it was just a caption joke with the photo.

However, we did chat and I mentioned the nice mitre of Blessed Pius IX which the Pope had just worn as well as how much I liked the Classical rite. He smiled, laughed and thanked me and with a nod agreed with my words that having the old mitre again was just the greatest thing ever.