Monday, April 14, 2008

Beatissime Pater: Welcome to America!

Cf. Luke 22:32
(Photo from the internet).

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Anonymous said...

I was just running through recent articles on this site and took a closer look at this little picture of B XVI seemingly wearing one of the Papal Tiaras. WOW! Would that that were true! Alas, the current Vicar of Christ chose to follow the questionable precedent set by his two most recent predecessors, and did not take the tiara, and so he essentially left a major piece of Church history and tradition and a principal sign of his authority behind. In fact, I question the statement used in several places that this Pope is "gloriously reigning" I question that that is true. He was not crowned, he was invested or inaugurated. Can he, then reign? What a beautiful fantasy picture. Would have been nice, but...........