Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ah, the constant darts at the good guy (lady)...

Politics as usual. It happens every election year and with our liberal media it's always the same bonk...

1996: Bob Dole was all negative and Mr. Willy Contortion was all positive.
2000: GW was all negative and Mr. Green Autocrat was all positive.
2004: GW was all negative and Mr. Swift Boat Wriggle was all positive.
2008: McCain is all negative and B. (Hussein) Obama is all positive.

Now the giant beast we know as the liberal American media - a collective mogul with untold power - is writhing like a crazed eel jerking to and fro to shred Gov. Palin into a thousand pieces.

But as Uncle Jerry just said: "Hands off our mom, liberal dogs and stop the bogus with each AP news torpedo!"


Anonymous said...

"B. (Hussein) Obama "

Writing Obama's name like this is wrong.

It reminds me of all the ignorant, undereducated,slovenly, toothless, beerbelly, red-necked flag-waving, gun-toting, bible pounding good ol' boy nutcases we see on TV cheering McCain and Palin.
They're the fanatics shouting "USA,USA,USA!!!!!" and waving the flag whipping up false patriotism with their "kick-ass" attitude over Iraq, Iran, Afganistan (oh yeah, and now there's Pakistan, and Georgia....thank you Bush, Cheny, Rove, McCain and Palin).
They're the religious zealots shouting at the top of their lungs and shoving the bible (Protestant version of course), down everyone's throats this election season ,

Since you went to good Catholic schools, and are being educated in the Eternal City of Rome, the heart of civilization where there's no place for the ignorant cowboy tactics of some Americans, I am sure you don't embrace the views and opinions of the group of losers I just colorfully but acuratly described.
They are the USA version of the fascists, Islamic extremists, Nazi stormtroopers, etc.
One would hope that you do not embrace such insane views either of the USA, or of the world.
The rest of the world is not as stupid as these thype of Americans would like to think.

Anonymous said...

No, but "Mister Biracial" would have been strong!

Anonymous said...

I love this post for Catholic reasons, and the photos are the best.
I've saved them all.

But I gotta ask one question.
Are you people all a bunch of Southerners?

Being traditional Catholic is one thing, and that's great.
But this type of political commenting (typing Obama's middle name for inflammatory purposes), or calling him "Mr. Bi-Racial", is just the type of garbage ignorant, practically illiterate bible-thumping flag waving Southerners would do.

I would much rather be a Russian who has some class and culture, than an ignorant gun totting, bible thumping ignorant and opinionated USA Southerner.
The epitome of the type person I colorfully describe is President Bush.

Also, I would rather be a MUslim, or a Buddhist, or even a Hindu, rather than the type of "christian" that Palin and others like her (unfortunatly in the tens of millions in the USA), claim to be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - news to you - B. Hussein Obama is his name. (speaking of uneducated)

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Yes, I know it's his full name. But the "Hussein" part is almost never mentioned....and when it IS mentioned, it is 99.9% of the time mentioned or written ONLY for inflammatory reasons. And usually only by ignorant, bible-thumping "christians" who wrap themselves in the American flag and contemn anyone else who looks different, or whose name looks different...etc.
I should know.
My family and I are Japanese/Americans.We're a big family. When we went on a Summer holiday awhile back visiting Civil War sites in the South, we were treated to raw USA bigotry...not downhome USA Southern hospitality.
We were called "Gooks, slopes, Japs, and Chinks" by a bunch of people that could have been plucked right out from an episode of "The Waltons", or "The Beverly Hillbillies".
When we asked politely " where's the nearest Catholic Church for Mass..." My Dad thought they were going to shoot us!!

Talk about ignorant!!
They are the living steriotype of the classic "Hillbilly".
And even though she doesn't have their accent....Palin is one of them !!! LOL !!!