Monday, September 01, 2008

Maria Goretti: a saint for abused and abuser...

In the photo is the santuario in Netuno where one can visit to pray before the incorrupt body of St. Maria Goretti. They used to have her corpse in a nice side chapel, but today she's in the (ugly) crypt chapel (let's each offer a prayer they return her to the nice side chapel and redress the body in a period dress manca the polyester).

There's a nice museum/gift shop run by the nuns in rooms off to the side of the church. If you're a priest, for a donation of thirty euro the nun in the shop will give you a nice ex corpore relic of her flesh for your parish. Then you can take a swim in the sea if you like.

To get to Netuno is easy. From Roma Termini just take any train to Netuno (about an hour ride). Walk a few minutes to the sanctuary and then have a local call you a taxi to take you to the home of Maria Goretti where she lived and was attacked (enter from the rear door, open during riposo, too). Then, if you have the interest visit the WWII American and British cemeteries there as well (open during riposo, too). It's a great day trip.

P.S. If some homeschooling-type mom wants to make a period dress for the corpse of St. Maria Goretti and mail it to me I'd be happy to bring it to the nuns as a donation and encourage them to redress the body.

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Kuroyanagi Ryou said...

and she' not incorrupt.. how can the Passionists remove a arm bone from her... that means they scraped the flesh for the one... scary and icky!!

(P.S- Maybe if they will give the old gown to the maker of the new gown... that settles the deal..)