Monday, September 08, 2008

As glibly used a word as "liturgist"...

Many of us freak out when we hear the word "liturgist."

This is because in New Church today everybody is a "liturgist." In any parish anywhere in the world - pretty much since the womens' lib. movement - man, woman or child (or crazy lesbo), anybody can do it; and get paid for it.

Yesterday somebody shared that St. Paul called Our Lord a liturgist in Hebrews 8:2. Doesn't make sense. However, we did agree that St. Paul does refer to himself as the leitourgos of Christ unto the Gentiles in Romans 15:16 and also that a rejuvenation of the traditional concept of a liturgist as being one who has a licentiate or doctorate in Sacred Liturgy is what we need to return to.

The good news is that the Pontifical Univeristy of the Holy Cross in Rome now offers the licentiate and doctorate in liturgical theology: This is a big deal and great news.

It behooves priests to not let liturgists step all over them. Pastors ought to give them no power, to take them off the pay-roll and when it's convenient, to let them go.

The liturgy is perfect praise, perfect expiation, perfect petition. A greater part of the ambit of priestly training is to qualify the men to do their job without somebody else telling them where to stand or what to sing or what to wear.

How vividly we can all see the average parish liturgist. But those says are ending.


Vernon said...

What is the difference between a terrorist and a liturgist?


You can negotiate with a terrorist!

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed to see you sink so low as to refer to anyone as a 'crazy lezbo'. It is vulgar, unprofessional (for a tour guide), uncharitable for a Christian and offensive. I really had to come expect better from you.