Monday, September 08, 2008

Koreans in Rome: strong Catholic culture...

As many know, South Korea is the last place in the world where all the Latin rite Catholic women veil their heads while in His presence. May the Father be praised for saving bits of Catholic culture in our age.

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Anonymous said...

Before WW II, Korea was nearly 100% Buddhist, and had been for centuries. Just like Japan and China.
After WW II, the Catholic Church really began to grow..
Unfortunatly the Korean War distruted this growth, and people of the North, technically with no religion and probably still mostly Buddhist at heart.
But in the South, unfortunatly there has been a pernicious infestation of Protestant fundamentalist evangelical sects which have competed with the Roman Catholic Church, and have unfortunatly also won thousands of converts from Buddhism.
It is sad to note that Buddhism is now down to about 40% of South Korea, the remainder divided between the Portestant sects, cults, and lunatic groups (about 30 of the South), and the Roman Catholic Church (about 18%). The remainer are Confucian, animist etc.
But it is indeed unfortunate that there has been such a proliferation of Protestant cults and groups, at the expense of the Roman Catholic Faith, and also the noble Buddhist traditions which are worthy of a positive note at least for cultural reasons.