Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept. 17th in Rome: Feast of Robert Bellarmino...

At San Ignazio in Rome one can see his corpse as seen here at a side altar. Learn Latin if for no other reason than to read him!

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Anonymous said...


I'm surprised at you. You should know that the bodies of the Saints are ALWAYS referred to as RELICS and never as "corpses"! They are of course objects of devotion that are in our midst to allow us to be inspired and feel closer to the Lord...and we have the great blessing of venerating them. I always think back to my "Eastern days" when one Orthodox abbot told me of how his monastery obtained the relics (skull) of St. Justin, Martyr. It seems that an American community of Sisters had it in their motherhouse and they "didn't want it anymore" (post Vatican II) so they offered it to anyone who wanted it! (God help us!) Anyway, this abbot jumped at the opportunity to obtain it for his monastery and he and several monks went to receive it. He said that the manner in which it was given was so casual as to be sacrilege and that it was passed to him like something very unimportant! Now the relics are solemnly venerated in this Orthodox monastery constantly and great Intercessions are held for days before the feast of St. Justin. Thank God that at least these relics are now being properly reverenced and appreciated! What is our loss is the Orthodox Church's gain...sadly!

Fr. Pius, Benedictine priestmonk

P.S. My favorite move is 'The Cardinal' also...I have my own copy of I'm sure you to do?