Monday, September 08, 2008

Summorum Pontificum: the Rome update...

And another baptism according to the sixty-two Ritual!
In one direction all continues upbound. Actually, it's a great joy to be inside the "traditionalist" Rome network. Lot's of great young families and great reasons for hope. Of these families there seems to be a concentration southeast of Rome in and around the Castelli.
The baptism was held, in of all places, this chapel (in the background one can see the villa where Menotti Garibaldi lived!). The chapel was modern, built in the fifties or sixties, but nice.
Afterwards the outdoor reception was hosted at a nearby farm, under the olive and palm trees. It was a wonderful cultural experience. The breeze, the food and fire, and the farmers! They have worked that land in the shadow of the Castelli hills for generations. They showed us their cats, cow and rabbits. They farm hay, grapes and kiwi and nearby was corn. They used to have many cows there. Farmers work so hard for so little. Wonderful to be their guest and to walk their fields near Rome. Many reasons for hope. Let us pray!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful little chapel. Blends into the Roman countryside magnificently, and could almost be mistaken for a much older 15th or 16th century chapel in th same model.