Sunday, September 21, 2008

The English sister on pilgrimage...

Lime green went out in the eighties (except in Eastern Europe).
But the sisters' religious habit is timeless. The ages pass, but that which is immemorial is lasting and acts as a witness to the nations.
Thank you, Sister!


PeterHWright said...

What a beautifully dressed Sister.

I've been noticing for some time now, whenever I see the traditional habit being worn, the wearer invariably has a happy face.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I've looked at various nun websites, and the liberal-radical femminist nuns are all very elderly, and when posed as a group generally have strained smiles on their faces.
Even the unfortunate handful of USA cloistered convents which have bought into the liberal junk (no habit, radical liturgies) have communities of 5-7 sisters looking decidedly uncertain for the camera.

Whereas the orthodox traditional/traditionalist Orders of sisters who wear the "old style" habits which are coming back into vogue in many places all are beaming with joy.

I guess it's because 1 group (the femminist nuns) realize they represent a model of "church" which has been soundly repudiated....especially by the young!

Nikki8D said...

I do think that there is something deeply comforting about seeing a Sister in her habit. Maybe it's the continuity, maybe it's that I attended Convent Schools as a child and loved school and the nuns who taught me. But I cannot help but respect and admire a sister in her habit. What a visible testimony to her faith!