Saturday, September 27, 2008

Study in Rome: under the shadow of the dome...

JPSonnen invites you during the historic German pontificate to study in Rome (long live the school of Litterae Humaniores)!
Study Bioethics or Canon Law or Church History or Patristics or whatever. And although nobody knows this, you can even get degrees in Library Science from the Vatican Apostolic Library (if your Latin and Italian are good, and they'll even give you a nice internship there if you're lucky). So welcome to Rome and be a part of this!
N.B. The first and constant aim of this blog has simply been to inspire youth to study in Rome. This is no lie. If someone ever asked the purpose of this blog, that's the answer.
And a positive effect of this blog has been the addition of Catholic photos to the Internet world. This week marks the 2,000th post of this blog and that's a lot of Catholic-type photos!
This couldn't be done without the support of many - countless generous souls who have donated to the cause - and so I thank you all and carry your intentions ever in my heart! Oremus!
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JWY said...

Keep up the great work, JP!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sonnen,
I am 16. yrs. old, I I currently go to Archbishop Riordan High School in SF, CA USA. I am very much interested in all aspects of the faith, staunchly orthodox, and may even have a vocation to the holy priesthood. Do you have any advice. If I could study in the Eternal city, it would be a dream come true.
Please email me at:

Anonymous said...

I wish very much to go study in Rome, and this blog has only served to strengthen this desire. I am praying that God will send me the means to go, but as of now it would be impossible financially. Still I pray that someday I may be able to fulfill this dream, God willing. Thanks for the great blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously considering studying in Rome beginning next year, so finding your site was a great help! Do you have any advice or recommendations for living arrangements?

Anonymous said...

Yes, studying in Rome is a big priority of mine too - especially since visiting Rome during Easter this year.

How does one 'study' in Rome ?
I need advice on accommodation too so could you please post something with various options.
You know ! extend the idea a bit.


John Paul Sonnen said...

ciao, guys!

i'll soon do a blog post on how to study over here - room and board, etc.

c u all soon!