Monday, December 11, 2006

The zephyr of Catholic youth: an attorney...

Isn’t she so sweeeet?! Of course everybody just loves her charm! We taught her to say to visitors who stop by at the door: “Cheers, I’m going to be a Juris Utriusque Doctor!” Of course nobody knows what that means and so they all laugh as she then describes what it is!

“I will graduate from an Ivy League Univeristy as a Doctor of Civil Law: J.C.D. (Juris Civilis Doctor). Then to Rome to graduate from a Pontifical Univeristy as a Doctor of Canon Law: J.C.D. (Juris Canonici Doctor). Then, and only then, will I be, the few, the proud, the brave: the Doctor of both Laws: J.U.D.!”

"My doctrine is not so much mine as that of Him who sent Me."
John 7: 16

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