Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cardinal Grocholewski...

His Eminence with the Italian Master of Ceremonies just before the Mass of Saint Nicholas.

One can really appreciate the craftsmanship of the lace apparel: it had been the nuns who used to labor in prayer while making all of these lovely garments for the Holy Mass (the most beautiful thing this side of heaven!).


Anonymous said...

now we know what happened to the sky-blue pink. Hector's got it. Do ceremonieri in the new rite (no matter how much it is disguised as the old) wear the paonazza romana, unless they are prelates?

John Paul Sonnen said...

Hai raggione. I do have to admit that it is cool to see a cleric drip in lace.

The M.C. was an Italian priest of the Diocese of Rome. The Mass was actually in Latin, albeit in the Novus Ordo.