Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Enriched by the grandeur of Latin: ardour...

Reggie qui in arce eloquentiae romanae stetit rex oratorum et latinae linguae illustrator.

Fr. Reggie Foster’s newly founded Academiae Romae Latinitatis is off to a great start. This photo depicts the first meeting which was held with over one-hundred new and returning students. With great enthusiasim the students listened to Fr. Reggie’s wisdom: “I’m concerned that people learn Latin language and Latin literature, got it?”

Special thanks from Fr. Foster and all his students to the American Institute for Roman Culture (www.romanculture.org). Their Executive Director, Darius Arya, is hosting Fr. Foster and his classes at his Institute as seen in the photo. This is ideal as Darius is an enthusiast of classical culture and a personal friend of Fr. Reggie. The Institute is located in downtown Rome, just near the Palazzo Venezia, on the Via della Gatta, 6.

Reggie was a student in Rome before the anti-Latin fury of the 1960s. He explains it like this: “When I was a youngster I studied Latin in school for fourteen years: nine years back home in America (at Holy Hill) and five years here in Rome (at San Pancrazio). We were the last generation to speak, read and hear Latin everyday of our lives. Now let’s study Latin!”

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