Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Roma la tradizione resiste...

Nessun velo per la “first lady” Mary?

Once I saw a book entitled, Vestiarium Christianum. It was a nice little book with lots of good information. But what about protocol for women?

Why does the Virgin Mary cover hear head in the presence of the King? How odd would she look if she didn’t? Why does a nun wear a veil? How odd did they used to look when the didn’t? Why are the Catholic women of today embarassed ( = ashamed) to wear a similar veil during an audience with the King, too?

La settimana scorsa, nel corso dell’udienza con Papa Benedetto XVI la consorte del David, Signora Sandra, portava il velo (the radical feminists marked for erasure the Catholic chapel veil, but we remind ourselves to expurgate their guile from our Catholic families). Di ricente sono molte le donne di paesi a cultura cattolica ad aver lasciato a casa il velo, prima di salire al Vaticano. Una piccola rottura con la tradizione, non del protocollo (bring back the glories of Catholic protocol, friends!).

Actually, in the Italian press, I get excited even just to read this line: “…regolata dallo strettissimo protocollo vaticano…”!

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