Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The rise of the Hungarians...

From Hungary, the land of the plains watered by the Theiss and the Danube, we have a rampart of the Church of Christ: a Catholic nation.

From Attila the Hun to St. Stephen! Baronius knew Church history better than anyone. When, in his history, he reaches A.D. 1000, he hails the arrival of the Hungarian deputies, who came to offer to the Roman Church the suzerainty of their land, and beseech the Pope to confer the title of king upon their duke Stephen. The Hungarian monarchy was founded upon Peter; for his sake it subsisted, and he alone, under God, was the safeguard of its future. With a wonderfully munificent spirit of religion, Stephen introduced into Hungary both the faith of Christ and the regal dignity. He obtained his royal crown from the Roman Pontiff, and having been, by his command, anointed king, offered his kingdom to the Apostolic See.

Every September 2 we celebrate the Feast of St. Stephen, King of Hungary, Confessor.
St. Stephen, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

These are knights of the Ordo Militia Templi (the refounded Templar Order): www.ordo-militiae-templi.org

Mountain Man said...

This group is problematic and no Catholic should join them until they settle their serious issues.


Anonymous said...

In Hungary, the official feast of St Stephen is August 20, which the prime national holiday of the country.