Friday, August 21, 2009

What the cappa magna looks like...

Dennis Cardinal Dougherty looking fabulous for the 1941 National Eucharistic Congress held in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, U.S.A.


Anonymous said...

I am a young Japanese/American member of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Although I of course don't remember Cardinal Dougherty, many priests I know do. They say that he realy knew how to be a real "Prince of the Church"....our Cardinal John Krol of Philadelphia was the last Cardinal-Archbishop who likewise knew how to put on the robes, present himself well, and be a true Shepherd of the faithful.
Back when Dennis Cardinal Dougherty came into office in Philadelphia, it was a prize posting. And during his term (1918-1951), more than 100 parishes were founded, more than 2,000 priests ordained, and dozens of convents, schools, hospitals and charitable institutions opened.
He built the huge, monumental Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary (the seminary for the Archdiocese), and he called it "the apple of my eye".
Indeed, in his time, the seminary grew to a population of close to 600 seminarians (558 in 1950), nearly all for Philadelphia.
The Archdiocese had (and still has), the Motherhouses of 4 major USA Orders of nuns in its area (Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Saint Joseph, Franciscan Sisters of Philadelphia, and the Sisters,Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary). Cardinal Dougherty rejoiced at officiating at the professions each year of anywhere between 25-120 Sisters from each of the above mentioned Orders. Ot wasn't unusuall for the Sisters of Saint Joseph, or the IHM nuns for instance, to have 70-110 final professions a year (up until Vatican II of course). Today, in the Vatican II Church, there have not been professions of nuns AT ALL, for about 12 years. Maybe 10 new nuns for the Archdiocese a year for 12 years before that.
Cardinal Dougherty ordained on average, 40 priests a year for the Archdiocese, and some years it was as high as 57-60. Entrance classes totaled in the 90-110 numbers (compared to today's Vatican II Church...the entrance totals are 7-10 if we're lucky!!).

The stats for Mass attendance are out for the Vatican II Philadelphia Archdiocese...and out of 1.4 million Catholics, 25% attend Sunday Mass, down 60% from 1960!

Cardinal Dougherty, who looks so regal and truely Catholic in this portrait built up nearly 70% of the Archdiocese during his reign of 33 years. I am sure he is crying in Heaven (As is Our Lord), at the state of the Vatican II Church in Philadelphia.
All the good Cardinal built is nearly all gone. IN barely 40 years.

***Are you going back to Rome for classes, and posting more wonderful shots from the Eternal City?***

Anonymous said...

A rare colour pic.