Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Edward Kennedy: RIP...

Pray for the conversion of the Kennedy family.

All Christians are to be pro-life.

May their mother Rose continue to pray for them.

May the splendor of Catholic morals enthrall them to conversion through the grace of the Holy Ghost.

Teddy passed away today at the age of 77.

In your charity pray for the repose of his soul.

I once heard that when Cardinal Pacelli came to the USA in 1936 little four-year-old Teddy climbed up on his lap to say hello when the Cardinal paid a visit to the Kennedy family at their Bronxville, NY home and that Teddy received his First Holy Communion by the hands of the newly elected Pius XII when he went to the Vatican for the coronation of the new Pope in 1939. After the coronation he and the family were received into a private audience with the Pope. Ted was later married by Cardinal Spellman in 1958.


Anonymous said...

JFK was the last great President of the United States.

He combined strength and diplomacy. He knew how to confront an advisary without bellicose threats which only aggrivate a situation and endanger the world. He condemned the cruelty of a system (Communism) without getting crude and engaging in "cowboy" tactics and namecalling.

Though their children did not live up to the magnificent Catholic principles instilled by their parents (largely because they were, like most people of their generation, victims to the era of Vatican II and it's "reforms", whereby nearly all time honored beliefs of our holy Catholic Faith were downgraded if not totally repudiated-perhaps not in fact by Vatican II-but in practice afterwards by legions of dissident priests, nuns, bishops, Cardinals...and perhaps even higher.

Pray for Edward Kennedy, and his family. There is only 1 sister left, Jean Kennedy(81).

Do not blame them or their children for any lessening of their Catholic Faith. It was the times they lived in, and the Church and it's leaders themselves, who failed (and still are failing), most miserably to uphold both Catholic Faith and traditions.

When we have a long chain of bad leadership in the Church, and weak, indecisive Popes who will not lead, what can we expect?

Pray for another Venererable Pope Pius XII to come along!!

Anonymous said...

I would encourage everyone to email the Cardinal of Boston to not allow a Mass of Christian Burial to be offered for Ted Kennedy. I do not know the state of his soul, but I do know that he caused public scandal against the faith his whole life. He was pro abortion to the end. Please ask the Cardinal not to cause more scandal buy giving the impression that he was a moral person and a Catholic in good standing. I'm in no way condemming the senator but he disregarded the faith in life and no impression should be given by the Church that he was a good Catholic. Canon law forbids a public funeral. I pray for his soul and leave him to God's mercy.

humboldt said...

The most destructive force is lust for power and glory. This destructive force has also tainted the Conciliar Catholic Church, and many prelates, even popes have succumbed to its power. Indeed, we are living in dark times.

Anonymous said...

Teddy led the heedless private life of a playboy and a rake and was no friend of the Roman Pontiffs.

Anonymous said...

JFK was no shining star.

humboldt said...

"JFK was no shining star." To be looking for saints amongst politians, particularly of the XXth century, is surely cause for dissapointment. The Lord Jesus Christ us warned us of this in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 1:

"8 Again the devil took him up into a very high mountain, and shewed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them, 9 And said to him: All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me. 10 Then Jesus saith to him: Begone, Satan: for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve."

I wish the popes and prelates of the Catholic Church would heed to Jesus' teachings. If they would, the Catholic Church wouldn't be in its current crisis.

Tom Degan said...

n a life that is littered with ironies, here's the biggest one of all: His three older brothers - Joe, Jack and Bobby - are eternally frozen in our imagination as the personifications of youth and vigor (or "vigah"). How poignant that our final image of the baby of that family will be as an old man, frail and mortally ill.

His was the most impressive evolution in American political history. Let's be honest; in 1962 the guy was a lightweight. He ran for the Democratic nomination against another young man, Edward McCormick, whose uncle was the speaker of the House of Representatives. During a debate McCormick told him that were it not for his name, his candidacy would be viewed as a joke. It was a point well made. It is obvious when looking at film of that campaign that our boy Ted is in way over his head.

Who would have dared dream all those years ago that this punk kid would one day evolve into the greatest senator ever to walk those halls?

An incredible realization just came to me: Teddy represented the state of Massachusetts for forty-six years, eight months and nineteen days. That is nearly three months longer than all the years his older brother Jack lived on earth. Forgive the cliche that is so overused it has become trite through repetition, but this really is the end of an era.


Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well the bishops of the USA proved once again that they are in desperate need of prayers. Cardinal O'Malley is permitting Pro Abortion Ted Kennedy a funeral Mass. Well Christ was betrayed by His own, I guess it's still happening in the Church. How very, very sad.

pipesmoker said...

Ted Kennedy needs a funeral Mass. The Mass is not an honour but a remedy. All sinners need prayers for their souls.

humboldt said...

Edward Kennedy, R.I.P. So much power, and such a tragic history.

"The love of God is like an ocean, you can see
from where it comes but you can never see
where it ends." Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the uncharitable comments I keep reading on Catholic blogs. I said a prayer for the repose of his soul. Even if you didn't agree with him, at least be charitable. We are all sinners. I read that Mr. Kennedy had turned to the faith in his last days. He died with a priest at his side. God is forever merciful, so maybe he did have a conversion.

Anonymous said...

Hitler got the ball rolling in the slaughter of 50 million lives.

Ted got the ball rolling in the slaughter of, they say, about 50 million American lives via abortion law.

Anonymous said...

Because of Ted Kennedy hundreds of thousands of unborn children were aborted. Denying him a public Mass is not uncharitable. Censors are imposed by the Church not to punish but to make an individual realize their errors. His sins were public and caused great scandal, he never publicly retracted them. The Church should never give the impression that his behavior was moral. Given the extreme gravity of his PUBLIC sins,if he asked for forgivness this should be made public.

Anonymous said...

Scion of the most prominent American Catholic family and he sepent his almost 50 years as a US senator with abortion in the top five priority on his plate and what does that say about the demonic at work?