Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catholic culture: the family stone...

The Catholic graveyard is sacred, blessed ground.

It's nice to have a family stone, too.

Dad sometimes brought us kids to pray at the family plot on All Souls Day and on other summer or autumn days. It was the best thing. Kids understand death. Let them walk among the dead and pray there, too.

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Anonymous said...

How appropriate you chose MSGR. RICHARD J. SCHULER's family monument at St. Mary's Cemetery in Minneapolis for your website.

Monsignor's life is noted on an entry on the website, which offers a historical profile of him as well as other family members.

The Family Lot is a cemetery memorialization custom that many within Catholicism would do well to perpetuate, since it conveys the idea of the members of the "Church Victorious" as a unified family effort together to achieve salvation.
Requiescat in Pace,
Familie Schuler!