Monday, August 24, 2009

Church of St. Agnes: home of the Orchestral Mass...

For about forty years the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale (founded in 1956) has performed an Orchestral Mass in this famed Baroque church (during the 10 o'clock Solemn High Mass, sung in Latin).

This is the Church of Saint Agnes located in Saint Paul, Minnesota (where many of us received our formation, through a special gift of Providence). The parish was founded in 1887 to serve German-speaking Catholic immigrants. The present church is of Indiana limestone and was completed in 1912 and seats 1,500.

The familiar oxidized-green "onion tower" rises 205 feet above the ground and is a much-loved city landmark, visible for miles (I look for it every time I land at the local international airport!).

It was always an honor to see and meet so many illustrious clergy and other personages who came to town to pay a visit to the Monsignor. So many good times and wonderful conversations. This was our formation and this is how the Lord works.

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Max Kaiser, Jr. said...


Indeed Msgr. Schuler was a formidable catalyst to sustain, renew and "re-invent" the traditional Catholic culture in the USA and elsewhere.

Your tribute to him (with the photo of his gravestone) gives a glimpse of his impact on the Roman Catholic Church in America and the world.

Take a look at my biography of him on Find A, which features his photo and other memorabilia.

Requiescat in Pace, Monsignore

Max Kaiser, Jr.
St. Louis, MO