Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summertime reading: two great reprints...

Yours truly is an Eagle Scout.

The founder of the World Scout Movement and Chief Scout of the World was Lord Baden-Powell who lived in London and even today you can see the house where he lived near the Brompton Oratory.

Since 1910 there have been over 100 million Scouts. Today, the movement has changed, but these two reprints hit the mark.

Scouting for Boys is by Robert Baden-Powell and was published in 1932 for English Scouts. It is a "Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship" which even has a section entitled "CHIVALRY" (page 211).

Boy Scouts of America The Official Handbook For Boys was the first edition of the Boy Scout Handbook for Americans published in 1911. It sold 300,000 copies and was reprinted in 1976 and again today. It, too, has a section on "CHIVALRY" (page 237) which even talks about ancient and modern "knighthood."

Sometimes it's the good old days that we reallly miss.


Anonymous said...

One can call B-P Catholic only if by that term one includes the Church of England. His father was a C of E clergyman and B-P remained Anglican to his last days.

That said, the Catholic Church embraced Scouting early on, so it is certainly fair to say that the Church and Scouting are tightly linked around the world.

Anonymous said...

Scouting is the greatest youth movement of all time. If more Catholic parishes would embrace it and more priests were to be involved there would be much fruit. As a fellow Eagle Scout, scout of 18 years and camp councilor of 7 years I can attest to the value of the movement and of these two fantastic books. Scouting and Catholicism are a great pair.