Monday, August 17, 2009

Loome Theological Booksellers: just the best of the best...

All hail Loome Books!
These photos, taken today, illustrate the absolute coolest place on the planet earth to shop for old church books, and it's located in an old (Swedish Covenant) church! Loome Books is the largest secondhand dealer of theological books on the continent and they are just the best.
See and link here:
As a kid sometime in the eighties my mother brought me to this shop and from that moment on I was hooked, just like everybody else.
And this place is a must visit if you have any interest in old Catholic books.
It's located on a hill overlooking the wonderful little river town of Stillwater, located on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River, about a forty-five minute drive from the gateway Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.
It's a place where you even sometimes see cardinali (cardinals) and vescovi (bishops) now and then...and the owners are great!


Jon O'Malley said...

This store is AWESOME! You can also peruse all their books at They've either got every Catholic book known to mankind or will find it for you! Great company.

Anonymous said...

Is this a Catholic shop? Or are protestant theological books sold there too.

I've been to Border's Bookstores from time to time, and in their religion section, it's mostly Protestant theology and religious books of the midset of a Sarah Palin (GAG!!!). Some of those titles make me want to hurl.

If this isn't a specifically CATHOLIC theological bookstore, I see no reason why cardinals or bishops would want to frequent it.

Anonymous said...

Loome books is famous. They have eeeeeeverything!

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me corectly, I think the owner is a parishoner of St. Charles in Bayport.

Also, I would consider this Catholic since they even had a Mariology section which I doubt a Protestant place would do.

I wish I had more time when I visited the place back in April. I was only allowed to visit for 15 minutes and with a place like that I would need a whole day.