Saturday, August 22, 2009

Father Clarence Steiner in 1944...

Monsignor Clarence J. Steiner (aka "Mike")
My parents were with him when he passed away in the hospital.
He is the priest who baptized me on Palm Sunday, 1979.
Pray for the repose of his holy soul.
His great joy was to hear confessions, for hours.
A good and holy priest.
He was my first confessor.
Every Saturday I made my confession and he would say: "It was the grace of God which brought you here."


Vincenzo said...

Praying for him

Orthodox said...

It was a grand time to be a priest in Holy Mother Church, these are the last of the Giants, only now do we see in the various traditional orders certain similarities to what was once the Glory of Chrisendom in the 20th century.

"Well done good and faithful servant", May our blessed Lord grant him eternal rest

Anonymous said...

Peace be with you and in the Lord through Jesus Christ and thanks for your leadership at Nativity Of Our Lord.