Friday, February 06, 2009

When scandal hits the Church...

The secular media has had us fettered in galling chains the past several days with more than one juicy story. How do we explain scandal in the Church to good Catholics? In short, our answer is this: the human element, even in the Church, will always be.

"This kingdom of Christ is spiritual and eternal, begun on earth but perfected in Heaven. He discharges by His admirable Providence the duties of King towards His Church, governing and protecting her against the assaults and snares of her enemies, legislating for her and imparting to her not only holiness and righteousness, but also the power and strength to persevere. But although the good and the bad are found within the limits of this kingdom, and thus all men by right belong to it, yet those who in conformity with His commands lead unsullied and innocent lives, experience beyond all others the sovereign goodness and beneficence of our King."

-Roman Catechism
Promulgated in 1566.

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