Friday, February 27, 2009

Catholic culture: role of grandparents...

Grandpa got back from California and sent me an e-mail.

You have no idea the joy of receiving an e-mail from your own grandfather who is now 90 years old, begot 12 children, was a WWII pilot and still surfs the Internet! The e-mail was about Padre Pio, the twentieth century stigmatist.

Makes one think of this line from the Scriptures: "I handed on to you as of first importance what I myself received." (1 Cor. 15:3). Our parents and grandparents give us the Faith. Religion is often handed down from one generation to the next. We are each an heir and upon us devolves the duty of perpetuating this gift.

Grandpa always bore unanimous witness of his catholicity. This was firstly by his example. The upbuilding of the Church was always his joy and even after 90 years he remains a fierce and loyal Catholic.

Grandpa also raised his kids through the throes of the sixties, a tremendous challenge and accomplishment. May he be rewarded a thousand fold in this life as in the next. Thanks, Grandpa!


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

My grandparents were married 63 years until Grandpa died at 91. Their love and un-affected, quiet devotion to each other has rescued me from being cynical about marriage. Their example helped me weather through from being a child of the 60's divorce generation to continue to have hope for people and for marriage.

Mary Liz said...

Grandparents are wonderful! My grandmother turned 90 today, and she (a convert) has always been an exemplary witness to the faith!

How blessed are we to have them in our lives!