Thursday, February 19, 2009

FYI: for a quick and cheap lunch...

Everybody has their favorite Rome place(s) to grab a quick sandwich and to each his own.

However, as a poor student this is where I sometimes go for my money's worth at the noon hour and everything is fresh, cheap and really good:

Forno Argentina
Via di Torre Argentina, 3
(Just a two minute walk off Largo Argentina).


James said...

My favorite place for a quick cheap lunch in Rome was a Pannino Shop on the Via di Porta Castello, between Borgo Pio and Borgo Sant' Angelo. Its real close to the Vatican and you can get a 8" sandwich for 3euro. All the sandwiches are named for cartoon/comic book characters. My favorite sandwich was the Spiderman, but most of my friends loved the Tex.

Esther said...

Sounds great. I am looking for a cheap lunch option for a group of about 50 people near the Vatican. I doubt the Panineria is going to be big enough for all of us. Do you happen to know any other cheap deals?

JPSonnen said...

for a big group take them to the colonnato ristorante across the street from the holy office palazzo sant'uffizio for a cheap and quick lunch.