Monday, February 23, 2009

Rome Funeral Mass for Fr. Adrian Ckuj...

The wonderful Rome Aussie Fr. Mark Withoos celebrated the Solemn Requiem Mass in the Classical Roman rite for the soul of his old high school classmate and fellow Rome priest, Fr. Adrian Ckuj.


SiobhanB said...

I am so sad to hear of the unexpected death of Fr Adrian Ckuj and how wonderful to read that Fr Mark Withoos celebrated Mass for him.

The community of St Vincent De Paul, Strathmore, Melbourne remember Fr Adrian fondly from many years ago when he served Mass along with Fr Mark.

Both Father Adrian and Father Mark were the most gracious of hosts when my mother and I visited in Rome.

Prayers and heartfelt sympathy to Fr Ckuj's family and to the communities he worked with during his lifetime.

Anonymous said...

How on earth are they able to light those candles on the high altar??