Friday, February 20, 2009

Catholic womanhood: the chapel veil...

Too, as the Blessed Virgin Mary the front pew!


Anonymous said...

John - can you tell us where this picture was taken? In a church, I would assume, but where? Also, do you know when it was sculpted and anything about the artist?

The reason I ask is that my wife and I are slowly learning the treasures of our faith, and she recently started wearing a hat to Holy Mass. This was in preference to a veil or mantilla, as this seemed something hispanic or European, neither of which she is. I was wondering if you'd offer your thoughts.

Keep up the good work!

John Paul Sonnen said...

Yes, it's a funeral monument in Santa Maria in Aquiro in Piazza Capranica, just a two minute walk from the Pantheon.

See here:

It's likely nineteenth century. Hats are nice, too, just difficult as they are so out of style. In Rome I used to know a girl who for a chapel veil wore an interesting white sort of bakers towel that was folded over. It looked great.

Magdalen said...


May I have your permission to use this as my profile picture on the blog linked here? I write under a pseudonym (for reasons which will be obvious as soon as you look at the blog), but still want a profile picture, and I think this beautiful statue would be perfect.

John Paul Sonnen said...

Yes, you can use it.

Angels bless and protect you always!