Friday, February 13, 2009

Comments: whoever you are thanks...

Some people really hate this blog as sometimes readers leave [always anonymous] comments which I am obliged to delete as they are vulgar, crass, rude, etc.

But here's a nice comment somebody left today which made me laugh and blush:

"I read your blog daily and I have come to the conclusion that you are the Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, of our day. Like him you record your real time experiences in the epi-center of power, Rome, rather than Versailles. Like him, you bemoan the disconnect with the past: in ceremony, etiquette, rank and fashion. Like him you are highly moral and idealistic in an increasingly decadent society, a voice crying in the desert. In his day he was considered an insignificant complaining gadfly and ignored, but history has proven him invaluable to understanding the decline and final abolition of the French monarchy. Keep up the good work."


Joe Frances said...

John, I can't see the comment you are referring to in this post, but I wanted to simply respond to the idea that some people hate this blog so much that they send you vulgar comments. That is simply astounding! This is such a great bog, you are doing God's work here; you are expanding interest in the great history of Holy Mother Church; you are making us want to come to Rome and be better Catholics. Remember when you are persecuted for His namesake, blessed are you my friend.

El Averiguador said...

Don Quixote said to Sancho: "when the dogs bark, it is a sign that we advance". Let them to bark, John and, please, continue with your wonderful chronicle of the Court of Rome. Life is not worthy to be lived without Beauty. God is Beauty; the Roman Church is beautiful. Thanks for all!

Anonymous said...

There are MANY of us who really enjoy your blog; in fact, we check it everyday! I show my children your pictures and many of your articles, and consider your work a gift of God to my homeschool. There are so many treasures of our faith, our Catholic history, and the great city of Rome that we would simply not know if it weren't for your work. Please keep up this extraordinary (!) work, and ignore the barbarians. God bless you!

Fra. Paul Ma. said...

I certainly agree. I loved the Catholic Church more than ever after I started reading your blog.

God Bless!

Afro Seminarian said...

I enjoy reading and seeing the pictures on your blog, however, I have dissagreed with you on certain political remarks you have made. Yet, I just want to say, keep up the good work. Hopefully I will be in Rome this summer.


Anonymous said...

John you are good at what you do and it is fun to see what you are up to.

Deus diligo vos

a thorn in the pew said...

I dearly miss Rome as I was only there a brief time. You help keep me connected and give me hope that I will return some day. Don't let the "junk" get you down. You provide a beautiful service to those who long for Rome. I agree with the comment. Thank you for your work and photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. I am a Junior Professed Brother who studied in Italy. I love Italy! When I look at your blogg I dream of going back someday! Thanks for the great photos.
Br. Jerome Francis Bauer, ssp

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anyone who would hate such a tremendous blog as your own.

I agree with most of what you write about (except McCain/Palin), and am always enlightened by your observations, opinions, and general information. The photos are magnificent, and I think I told you before, you could make a fortune turning to publishing several volumns of your Roman photos. THey are so much better than the "dime-a-dozen" books on Rome and the Vatican out in stores today.

Thank you for always standing for Catholic tradition, the True Mass (The Tridentine Latin Mass), and with the Pope. The Pope needs our support. I think there is going to be a "Spring housecleaning" in the Vatican, out with all the old men (including Cardinals of the Curia etc.), who do not support the initiatives (including re. the SSPX) of the Pope. There will be more uproar over all the traditionalist/conservative appointments than there was over the Jewish remarks of Bishop Williamson. Wait for it and see.
Change especially in Germany and Austria.
The Pope isn't a fool. He knoew who his enemies are. And those enemies were stupid enough to reveal themselves after the SSPX initiative of the Pope.
Maybe that's what the Pope was waiting for...their reaction before he acts.
I hope!!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by accident awhile back.

Love it because it gives us a view of Rome and the Roman countryside that we rarely see.

Keep up the good work.

Multos Annos

TheSeeker said...

I'm with them--don't let negative people who have nothing better to do than be rude get to you. Your blog is wonderful and a great learning experience for us all! I'm at the end of RCIA and will be confirmed this Easter. I learn things here that I really wouldn't learn otherwise. You show me so much about Catholic tradition and Vatican culture, and I love it. Thank you for sharing your experiences!