Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parents, kids and dirty movies....

Dad and mom never allowed us kids to watch dirty movies. That was in the eighties. Things are a lot worse today.

Thanks to the skillful promotion and prudent guidance of dad and mom their adult children now have an easier time and a better chance at fidelity and integrity as dirty movies were never a part of our lives. Such movies greatly exacerbate an ugly side that can be easily planted and difficult to be liberated from.

With not allowing dirty movies in the house a "thoroughgoing purity" was then a unique gift which was born in out sweet home. This was difficult because we seemed to be the only family which had this policy. I hated it. As a couple dad and mom never redrafted this policy as they were united on the same page and stood on the grace of the Sacrament.

Save the permanence and sanctity of your marriage and domestic harmony with a new policy for your home: NO dirty moves allowed under your roof. Clean out your DVD collection and quiety place in the trash bin that which is not pure. You will find that most of your collection will then be lost, but smile as you save yourself, your spouse and your kids and their kids, too.

Dad and mom, thank you! Other dads and moms in the neighborhood taught their kids "values." Instead, you taught us "virtue." And you gifted us with virtutem (potential/ability/talent) for purity.

I beg pardon for all the times as I kid I kicked and screamed when you enforced your house rules. As the Vatican Council said: "The family is a society in its own original right!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you my Son
It was so hard being a twig alone, we had no support from friends or family. A good Catholic Pastor and parish, prayer group, home school co-op would have helped. I felt much pain for all you children. I suffered too, but we could not waiver. The stakes were too great.
Much love Mom

angel said...

Nice comment from your ma. My beef: the Catholic high schools show movies in RELIGION class that I won't allow my kids to see at home. Most of the time I don't know about it until after the fact. Great support from our catholic schools here in the wonderful socialist country of CANADA!
BTW, interesting BLOG!

Smiley said...

nice blog i do not think i will get to go to Rome so i enjoy all your pictures it is like being there. When are you going to go to Israel?