Thursday, February 26, 2009

We support priest bloggers...

Catholics have been slow with the whole social communications thing. We never did get into radio evangelization or even much into television ministry and now we're not getting much into Internet, either.

But just a few priests have made the jump and lead us with fine blogs and these priests are the finest of men. These guys are doing fabulous work in the area of online catechesis and they labor for us and our families: for our moms and dads, youth and kids and families. God bless you men for all you do!

Three deserve honorable mention and link to them here:
Fr. Z:
Fr. Tim:
Fr. Ray:

"With common heart and mind, let all the sons of the Church strive immediately and most energetically to use the instruments of social communication effectively in the many fields of the apostolate, as the circumstances and the times require [Internet]. These efforts should head off hurtful enterprises, especially in those places where moral and religious needs dictate a more active zeal. Religious shepherds should speedily fulfill their duties in this field, closely connected as it is with their normal preaching responsibilities."

-Vatican Council II: Decree on the Instruments of Social Communication, 13.


Fr Ray Blake said...

To be spoken of in the same breath as the great "Z" is an honour too great.
You are far too kind.

Anonymous said...

God bless them for their time and care!