Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Chief Rabbi of Rome on Pius XII...

The secular media won't tell you about this famous figure of the twentieth century: meet Eugenio Zolli

This is the story of the man who was the Chief Rabbi of Rome during WWII, Israel Zolli. He was a world-renowned Scripture and Talmudic scholar and authority on Semitic philology.

After the war Rabbi Zolli sought to became a Catholic as a "completion and fulfillment" of his being a Jew and he took the name Eugene in honor of Pius XII (whose baptismal name, too, was Eugene).

Rabbi Zolli did this to honor the Pope who saved his life and the life of the Rome Synagogue.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a cause for canonization of Dr. Zolli?

B.K. Dolan said...

I had no idea that Ignatius was printing this! This is key for anyone that shows people around the Jewish Ghetto of Rome. Thanks for letting us know about this John!