Monday, February 09, 2009

After a long winter: Summa of Thomas again available in Latin-English...

News Flash: the sixties are ending.

Everybody has been screaming for an available Latin-English version of the Summa Theologiae (yes, there is the Blackfriars edition, but it's 60 volumes and the translation is dated 1970s).

So the good news is that it's finally here and the first volme is just $24.95.

The first volume has just been completed and is now available for purchase on Amazon. Please spread the word.

For info see this new website:

Every copy purchased helps the growing Keiser family - one baby here and more to come!


Heidi said...

Thanks, John! Say hi to Rome for us!

Anonymous said...

I ordered mine after I read your article. I just got it today and I love it. Thank my good man. Keep up the wonderful blog. I always check it 3 or 4 times a day. Take care, don Jeffry