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First Friday Prayers for His Holiness: pass the word...

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1. Today, 4th February 2009, the Secretariat of State of His Holiness has issued a note on the last events regarding the Holy Father’s decision of lifting the excommunications latae sententiae touching the four Bishops of the Priestly Society of St Pius X since 1988, when they were illicitly consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. As it is known, certain statements –previous to the Decree of the Roman Congregation for the Bishops of last 21st January and unpublished– by Bishop Williamson, in which the prelate appeared to be close to the revisionism of the Holocaust, have provoked an intensive campaign in the mass media directed against the Holy Father Benedict XVI. He is accused of favouring the anti-Semitism by having “rehabilitated a bishop that denies the Holocaust”. Moreover, some sectors are taking advantage of these circumstances to reiterate their attacks to the Pope for carrying out what they call “politics of regression and of oblivion of the Second Vatican Council” that are marking His with measures like liberalizing the Traditional Roman Mass and the approaching to the FSSPX.

2. The note of the Secretariat of State of His Holiness we are talking about ends with this appeal: “The Holy Father asks to be joined by the prayers of all the faithful, so that the Lord may enlighten the path of the Church. May the effort of the Pastors and of all the faithful increase in support of the delicate and burdensome mission of the Successor of Apostle Peter as «custodian of the unity» in the Church”. Conscious, then, of our duty as Catholics, loyal children of the Pope, we want to echo His petition, by determinedly siding His Holiness in these hard circumstances and by offering our prayers for His intentions. At the same time, we make a humble but fervent appeal to all Catholics in order to gather in a Crusade of Prayers for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI this forthcoming Friday 6th of February, First Friday of the Month, especially dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, “source of all consolation” and “our peace and reconciliation”.

3. We, therefore, propose:

a) the priests:

- that they may offer the votive Mass of the Sacred Heart ad mentem Romani Pontificis with the commemorations Pro Papa,
- that, they may add, in the Eucharistic Adoration (if they do not do it yet) the prayers Pro Romano Pontifice before the reservation of the Holy Sacrament.

b) the faithful:

- that they may offer the Holy Communion of Reparation specifically for the sake, intentions and incolumity of the holy Father,
- that they may attend to the Eucharistic Adoration where it is scheduled and join the prayers for the Pope,
- that they may offer the Holy Rosary, privately or in common, entirely for the Roman Pontiff.

c) everyone:

- if possible, that they may publicly (or at least privately) recite the Seven Penitential Psalms with the Litanies of the Saints in redress for the attacks against Pope Benedict XVI and the Holy Mother Church.

We thank in advance the reception given to this initiative, emerged from the love and attachment to the Successor of Peter, that are the touchstone of a true Catholicism. We also pray everyone to share it with as many people as possible in order to narrow rows around Pope Benedict, that God save many years for the sake of His Church.

+ Barcelona, 4th February 2009.
Annum Paulinum
Annum Pacellianum


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