Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fabulous new wine bar at Termini...

For years Termini had bee in rough shape until they cleaned it up for the Holy Year 2000. This spot was left vacant for many years until just this past autumn when this new place opened called Convoglia. Super nice and hope they will make it, although it is always deserted both day and night.

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Anonymous said...

You have such a fabulous life in Rome. I envy you all you have seen, both regards to the Church, Popes, religious life, and historical sites.
You should go to Greece on holiday and see the famous sites there too.
But nothing can beat Italy and Rome.
I used 8 years ago to give guided tours of my ancestral home (Japan), and S. Korea afew years ago to large groups of tourists. Mostly I did it in the Spring/Summer to pay for college the following September.
Amazing how much I made.
Although Japan is beautiful, and I go with family back there on holidays (not Christmas because it's no big deal there ...lol), it doesn't compare with Italy and Rome.
I hope you saved all your films and negatives from your time there. You could make a fortune writing tourist books or photo books of Rome and Italy, DVD's of Masses and ceremonies, etc.