Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas wish list: season of giving..

No lie, the tour industry is in meltdown here. In recent weeks it has become evident that there is just no work.

Some see it contemptible to ask for donations on a blog, but a wealthy benefice has never been conferred upon yours truly. He's just been a poor college student for nine years. But, graduate school is important and so is the sacred science (of theology).

Donations from blessed Christians will be accepted to pay my tuition bill in Rome. As a full-time graduate student I can only say one thing: it is really expensive and getting more so every year.

This intention is being entrusted to the holy intercession of Sts. Peter and Paul. Lord, if You want theologians, then You'll have to give us sustinence as student hirelings to get us through the long winters!

Mail your donations here and the Father who hears all things will hear you:

406 Saint Peter Street
Saint Paul, Minn. 55102


qualcosa di bello said...

consider it done!!! (how is chef chris??)

God bless & merry Christmas!!!

qualcosa di bello said...

oh. my. gosh....when i went to write your address i noticed~~ st. peter & st. paul~~ how totally cool!

Anonymous said...

Won't you be sorry to leave Rome when you're done studies? If it was me, I'd rather live in Rome and Italy where there is so much Catholicity, so much religious expression , so much history and sites to see. As compared to here in the USA which is nice of course, but every town, every city is more or less a carbon copy of every other. Where there really are no ancient sites, etc.

I'd prefer Rome. If I had a second chance!

Anonymous said...

John, I insist, get that PayPal account running again so that those of us who are grateful for your website may show their gratitude. As for those few who complain about your having a PayPal button or asking for contributions, allow me to tell them what you cannot say: go bless yourselves. Happy Christmas, John.