Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lost Catholic culture: handwriting...

One new divide between the generations is handwriting.

The nuns used to teach Catholic kids how to write. They taught all our grandparents and parents and even some of us. In fact, one could often delineate if somebody had gone to Catholic schools by the way they wrote. This is because the nuns taught "denelian" and they were the best at it.

Teach your kids denelian at home and make sure they learn to read music, too.


Anonymous said...

I sure wish I could write like that!

Until a few years ago - then "lost" somewhere... - I had my great-great-great-grandfather's Maths exercise book. His handwriting was beautiful, even if his spelling was autrocious ("Multiplaction")!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this post my grandmother had this type of beautiful handwriting having been taught by the irish sisters of mercy

Anonymous said...


Do you know what teh scipt in your photo is called? I think Delian is something different?