Sunday, December 28, 2008

FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act): prayer and fasting...

Today is red vestments; it's the feast of the Holy Innocents in the pre-1962 ordo.

Catholics who vote for "pro-death" candidates sadly crimp the pro-life movement. It's already a cold winter, but on inauguration day this coming January the new president, with one signature, will set the pro-life movement back decades. And who is responsible for this blood? The voters.

Without harshness Christians who vote for pro-death candidates are to be severely rebuked and to be encouraged to employ every diligence to excite themselves to contrition. The pride of some Christians who seek by a folly of excuses to justify or extenuate their voting for pro-death candidatesis is to be carefully repressed.

With Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa we seek to build up the culture of life. Do not dismiss the voices of the holy innocents, those babes slaughtered on the altar of "choice."

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